At the beginning of this week, I was lucky to have checked my phone the time the email was sent out by Cameraland to register for a spot out of 30 for a photo walk with an award winning National Geographic photographer – Tyrone Turner. Was really an awesome an experience to roam through Cape Town CBD and Bo-kaap with someone that has accomplished so much in the photographic field. Our little brief for the day was ‘Colour’ and ‘get out of the oval in your frame’. Meaning don’t just focus on the rule of thirds or oval centring your object in your frame, but rather use the entire frame especially the corners to create unique images. I’m sure you can see from my images below that I really paid attention to this and I was really impressed with the results!


As the walk starts next thing I knew it, Tyrone started conversing with me and was really taken by surprise as I was just expecting to be shadowing on my first walk. While chatting to Tyrone I found out that he also shoots content for Apple’s website and many other huge corporations! Was really in awe with how nice and welcome Tyrone was and also by now because I realised I’m speaking to one of the people responsible for all the photos we see on our apple devices! A few minutes started speaking to his wife, Susan and found out she’s also a photographer and that they were lucky enough to bring their kids with from USA on this ‘business’ trip.


After the socialising I took it on myself to really capture some unique and striking photos of an area which has been shot in probably every way conceivable – Bo-kaap! I spent lots of time trying to conceptualise unique angles and make use of waiting for the moment to capture the perfect picture that really happens in a second. For example, shooting through a fence and capturing the centre of a semi-detached house and wait for a bird to fly exactly in the middle of the frame and hoping my trigger finger is quick enough to catch it! To my surprise, all the forces aligned and I got the image!


Further on the walk I carried on snapping and a lot of the photos you take at first seems like a great idea and when you review the image you realise its just another cliche Bo-kaap photo and you have to go back at it again and try change it up. It was really a challenge, but at the same time exciting as I’ve been wanting to go out and roam through town and just take some photos.


On editing these photo I’ve realised how much of difference it makes to the images when you try and think out of the box on a shoot. Initially I was going to back out of this walk as I thought it might be cheesy or for newbies, but in the end I’m really glad I went! Got to meet some cool people, learn some interesting tips from the best and got to take some awesome images of a place that I thought couldn’t be shot any differently.


TauriqAjam-2016-5511 TauriqAjam-2016-5426 TauriqAjam-2016-5567 TauriqAjam-2016-5628 TauriqAjam-2016-5405 TauriqAjam-2016-5347 TauriqAjam-2016-5310 TauriqAjam-2016-5302 TauriqAjam-2016-5416 TauriqAjam-2016-5456 TauriqAjam-2016-5626 TauriqAjam-2016-5622 TauriqAjam-2016-5353 TauriqAjam-2016-5349 TauriqAjam-2016-5336 TauriqAjam-2016-5333 TauriqAjam-2016-5357 TauriqAjam-2016-5656 TauriqAjam-2016-5663

Would like to say a huge thanks to Cameraland Cape Town for hosting such awesome meet ups and if you’re interested subscribe to their mailing list as they have these meets monthly!

Photos and Words: Tauriq Ajam Visuals


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