After doing the Make-up tutorial for Aisha Baker (BakedTheBlog) of her using Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Magic Range, they contacted me the next week in order to book me to film the Launch Party for the same product range.

This was my first time filming a launch party (I am open to film and shoot almost anything, so feel free to contact me for a quote!) and it was quite an unusually experience because it was a meeting place for about 50 popular South African bloggers. Most of which I have either worked with previously or have seen on social media. So the opportunity to see them mingle and or ‘not mingle’ amongst each is not a common experience.

Leading up to the event got in contact my good friend Nadia Jaftha (Birdline Blog) and check if she’s attending the event, which gladly was. She warned me to brace myself and told me she’s not going to tell me anything because she did not want to ruin the experience for me. This already got me even more curious.

The event was attended by all the usual big names in blogging such Nadia Jaftha of course, Aqeelah Harron (FashionBreed), Paula Bianca Jacobs (Ms Paula Bee), Quanita Orrie, Rushana Isaacs and Just Jade to mention a few.

Having some experience with most of the names listed above really helped with the filming presence and connection in front of the camera. Its easy to see from the video that this relationship easily translated in to the fun and energetic feel relayed in the video. All the employees on the day at Benefit Cosmetics were great to work with and made for an even more fun and interactive video!

For any queries in regard to filming or photography for event and corporate functions, feel free to contact me here.


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