A few weeks ago I was contacted on Instagram to do a shoot for Lailaa Jakoet. Initially I thought it would be for video because that seems to be popular demand according to my client base. However, Lailaa contacted me to do a full editorial style photoshoot to create content for her website and social media platforms. She explained to me that she had finally taken the leap of faith in doing makeup artistry full time.

So obviously, the pressure was on because the success of her brand and image was dependent on whether or not I could execute the editorial. I am glad to say everything came together amazingly! Location, lighting, clothing and make-up although a little slow as usual in the beginning everything worked harmoniously for the entire shoot.

Lailaa provided a great story board for each of the models’ different looks and different sets on location. The shoot was able to be executed efficiently and effectively in less 3 hours. The location she chose was Kloof Street House, which best suited the look and desire feel she wanted to achieve. The models of the day were extremely compliant and easy to work with. The first looks for each of them they had to just find their feet and get comfortable, but after that they really got into it and the images came alive!

TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0611 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0622 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0612 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0596 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0585

TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0643 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0668 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0718 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0756

TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0816 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0848 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0850 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0907TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-0949 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-1015 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-1152 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-1188 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-1196 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-1202 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-1209 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-1248 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-1284 TauriqAjam-Lailaa_Jakoet-June-2016-1288 Huge thanks to the team of the day, was a pleasure working with you guys!

Models: Olivia Otten and Donna D

Make up: Lailaa Jakoet

Photos and Words: Tauriq Ajam

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