The 26th of March marks International AirMax Day, I’m not going to dwell into the history of Tinker Hatfield’s legacy because you can find that easily on but rather share the background to the event we put together in appreciation of Nike and it’s iconic AirMax legacy.

 This is event was a result of me being an avid Nike enthusiast and also being exposed to the UK Nike scene 4 years ago, where I was coincidently in London at the same time as AirMax Day  (AMD). The hype and build up in the week prior to AMD was inspiring and exciting as the entire Nike Town in oxford street was prepping for it!

When the day arrived, I decided to wear my AirMax 90s in a triple white colour way and missioned through to Nike Town. The vibe and the variety of AirMax and the style of the individuals and the fact that everyone was only wearing Nike, created an overwhelming feeling that only a Nike Enthusiast could really appreciate. It left such a lasting impression that it led to the hosting of AMD Cape Town.
This was mainly because every year after that all I could do was take pics of my AirMax and post it on social media hoping to be a part of the international AMD and rekindle that nostalgia.  But unfortunately it was far from anything I was hoping for. So I decided that if no one was going to do it I’m going to create an event where other Nike enthusiasts could meet up and celebrate the day together in hopes of creating that same feeling I felt 4 years ago!
Initially I had planned to do it in another location in woodstock however that failed and I was on the verge of cancelling the event. Luckily for me a friend of mine, Hadley Kent from Hustle put me in connection with Russ Meyer from The Mash Tun ZA and he made his venue available to us on the Friday just two days before the event.
Now that the venue was confirmed, I had to mission to get a flyer designed and do some promo work to get the event out there as well as organise sound and DJs.
There was no question with who to go to on sound. Shane John Gordon from Clarity Audio Visual has been supplying my events with sound since 2014 and to date has never failed me and even with asking for last minute miracles! If you ever in need of AV equip be sure to hit him up! The awesome TwoTone DJs, Matthew Kuhn also pitched up for me contacting him 30mins prior to the event starting, another life saver!
An Unlucky aspect for me was that I was booked for filming a wedding the Saturday, so didn’t know how I was gonna do it. I manage to squeeze in between I had a 1 hour break and convincde Eric Leeson (well known in sneaker community) to meet me in a hours time to act for out a short skit for me that I’d edit and post the evening. Which is attached below.
Now that the word was out, just had to hope for the best and that we had atleast a decent turnout considering the last minute nature of this event.
To my surprise the vibe was great! It was even better personally than the one in London, because I got to share this Airmax day with my friends and family, got to meet some new local faces that are also Nike enthusiasts and its the beginning of the Airmax Day Cape Town that we will be hosting annually!
We had a few rare Nike sneakers on display, some on the enthusiasts feet, the guys from Bubble Koppe, faya from unfazed design and Nadia Jaftha in the house amongst other people of importance. We also had brand new and old Nike merchandise on sale, we had vape vendors selling “juice” and the Mash Tun ZA quenching everyone’s thirst by supplying all beverages! We had classic, stance and sports cars out on display outside as well!
We would just like to Thank everyone that made this event possible and those that attended and celebrated AirMax Day Cape Town 2017 with us!
See you next year! 3.26.18
Photos, Words and video: Tauriq Ajam


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TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2891 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2905 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2910 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2904 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2887 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2885 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2888 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2925 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2923 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3032 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3033 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3036 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2966 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2953 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2944 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2943 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2939 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2937 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2958 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2960 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2867 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3021 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2991 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3030 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-2973 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3045 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3043 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3049 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3050 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3051 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3052 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3053

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